The benefits of sawdust pellet machine

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Made of wood pellet fuel is a kind of clean and environment-friendly energy, and low price machine, is an effective way to realize sustainable development is a good substitute for diesel oil, natural gas. Sawdust particles machine besides there is a huge market potential, there is a great social significance:
1Increase of sawdust particles gradually mechanism of biomass energy, not only reduce the cost, and reduce the pollution of the environment.
2.To solve the rural crops straw and plant of the city garbage "double ban" of social problems, not only effectively improve the comprehensive utilization of them, but also for industrial production, biomass, restaurants, hotels, residents to provide environmental protection, a new type of environmentally friendly fuel saving.
3.Biomass energy from green plants, can consume a large amount of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, so called zero discharge energy. Sawdust particles machine, increase the use of biomass energy, to substitute of coal, biomass fuel can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce atmospheric pollution by nitrogen oxides, reduce acid rain. To improve the energy structure, improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental pressure make a great contribution.
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