The concept of small make up know feed

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According to our country feed standard definition (GB10647-89), can provide nutrients needed for breeding animals, guarantee the health, promote the growth and production, and the harmful effect does not occur under the rational use of feeding material, called the feed. The author believes that its provide nutrients should have a certain amount of concepts, not all can provide the nutrients can be feeding material is feed. Although such as sawdust, rice husk contains nutrients, but it can't meet the needs of the animals normal growth or production of nutrients, therefore it cannot serve as animal feeding material. Again, such as wheat straw, rice straw all contains a certain amount of nutrients, can also be plant-eating animals, such as cattle, sheep, horse) part of digestion and under the condition of reasonable collocation with other feed, can meet the needs of the plant-eating animal nutrition, so it can be used as a herbivore feeding material. And the nutrients in the wheat straw, rice straw are difficult to pigs, chickens and other omnivores disappear, and is not consistent with what the animal digestive tract volume on the volume, so not as pigs, chicken feed, can only be used as a filling material, even as a filler to pledge, also should pay special attention on adding amount.

With the development of bar material industry, many nutrient substance also delimit feed category is not available, such as antibiotics, anti caking agent, insecticide care agent such as nutritional additives.