The diversity of sawdust particles machine products

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Biomass energy diversification, and constantly promote renewable biomass resources utilization industry forward, also makes the renewable biomass resources use mechanical equipment have a bigger development space. Diversification is the direction of biomass granule machine, pushing the biomass pellet machine to the forefront of renewable biomass resources use mechanical equipment biomass pellet machine has become the primary choice straw, straw and other biomass pellet. With the rapid development of our economy, renewable biomass resources use machinery market is in constant development, in recent years, the afterlife renewable utilization of material resources of sawdust particles machine breaking theory, developed a new generation of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, intelligent renewable biomass resources using mechanical granulating equipment sawdust particles machine has a lot of granulating ratio, discharging granularity and strong adaptability, low energy consumption advantages of material.

Sawdust particles machine product diversification is the inevitable developing trend of grain machine, in the development process of particle machine, the development history of pellet machine and business development and the quality of the product development phase, in the process of two phase synchronous development, diversity is a new direction for the development of modern biomass pellet machine. Trend of diversified market development needs, so we should also follow the development trend of the market and society, incorporated in the wave of diversified rapidly. The ultimate purpose is to boost sales.

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