Mill trend

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With globalization development and information skills, touch with the international market is also more and more in China. In all walks of life to carry out, and in the vision at the center. In the damage machine to carry out, following the introduction of foreign advanced skills, about how to make it in China, also has the very big advance. Destroy Chinese skill is no longer limited to damage to the small items.

With skills to carry out, the destruction of the Chinese machine skills to progress gradually, in uniform accuracy as well as the damage degree, there is a big improvement. China has carried out by once coarse damage has been to now ultrafine damage, produce precision had the very big progress, together on the produce quality, China produced by the machine, also has the very big competitive in the international market.

Destroy the machine, however, China also has a lot of shortcomings, that is the increase in automation. Machine producers abroad, many contact with electronic intelligence, in the job, only need artificial using computer control in the operation room, China also needs to progress in skill.