Regular inspection of granulators

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First of all, particle machine check regularly. Changzhou yonghe fine chemical co., LTD., points out that particles machine must regularly check parts, to every month, check the worm gear, worm, lubrication on bolts, bearings and other activities whether some flexible rotation and wear situation, found that defects should be timely repair, shall not be used.

Second, the pellet machine has exquisite placed. Machine should be placed in dry cleaning of indoor use, shall not be in the atmosphere contain acids and other places on the body of corrosive gas circulation use.

Third, the pellet machine downtime issues. When particles machine or stop after using, rotating drum should be removed in cleaning and clearing the remaining FenZi inside bucket, and then set up, prepare for next time use.

Occurred in the fourth, when drum work before and after the move, please adjust front bearing pawn M10 screws on to the appropriate location. If there are running of the gear shaft, please adjust bracket screw back to the appropriate location and adjust the clearance to the bearing noise does not occur, hand belt pulley, elastic appropriate advisable, too tight or too loose all can make the machine may be damaged.

Fifth, such as stop using for a long time, the machine must be wipe and clean the whole body, parts of smooth surface coated with anti-rust oil, cloth canopy hood.