The development of feed machinery in China

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At present, the widespread adoption of feed processing machinery, productivity is not high, such as domestic puffing machine maximum output of 3 tons ~ 5 tons/hour, has a certain gap compared with abroad. In terms of the development of feed processing machinery, the United States and Europe is ahead, stand-alone equipment automation and complete sets of equipment automatic control program is higher. Feed machinery industry in our country should be the direction of large-scale, intensive, by expanding sales to reduce the production cost and management cost, improve efficiency.

Mill in China should further make a breakthrough on load control technology, and the central control technology combination, realize the grinder completely simulate the working state of each; Developed a safe and reliable automatic screen institutions change, make the mill in the case of non-stop automatic in screen, reduce downtime, facilitating the production of different materials, improve efficiency. Mixer mainly in discharge uniformity of detection, automatic detection of leakage, after mixing of automatic cleaning aspects to do further research, and to study particle machine conditioning time control technology for the material, such as the different material, conditioning automatically adjust Angle, change the residence time of a material on or through the conditioning implement automatic adjustment of the blade Angle to implement, etc.; To develop a dynamic automatic feeder roller pressure, ring die clearance adjusting mechanism, the particles on the access of feed material pulverization instrument equipment, and to achieve timely control, acceleration feedback speed, improve the quality of products.

In today's China need to increase the investment in the enterprises, expand the basic research. From the point of feed machinery industrial development scale good countries, many famous feed machinery manufacturers, have their own research institutions or scientific research institutions and the relevant research of cooperation, the most advanced, most of the cutting edge of technology in the enterprise hands, they have a strong development momentum and competitive forces. As a result, China's feed machinery manufacturing enterprises to participate in international competition, must increase investment in scientific research, basic research for the development of frontier. Can adopt the method besides enterprise self-built research institutes, and the relevant scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, and even other relevant scientific research departments of industry is very necessary, also is feasible. Through this kind of a wide range of cooperation, take out the advanced product, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises in the international market.