Pellet feed is made of particles machine

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Particles is roughly divided into two kinds, flat die feed pellet machine and ring die pellet machine, see you every day how much is the production of pellet feed required, if lower productivity can choose 300 flat die pellet machine, if the required quantity is larger then choose ring die pellet machine, ring die is generally small and medium-sized farms and feed mills. Less than two tons of words every day you are advised to choose the flat die pellet machine.

Compound feed is the most important material base, modern chicken is developed on the basis of modern science and technology, effectively promoted the development of the poultry industry in our country. Similarly, 3-yellow production has changed the traditional breeding way USES the compound feed, single feed make 3-yellow production level has greatly improved. Such as quality 3-yellow and local varieties of feed remuneration increased from 4.5-5 to 1 to 3, 4:1.

Compound feed is according to the varieties and the growth days of age, the production performance aspects of requirements, standard according to nutrition and feed formula, will form the diet of chicken of various feed ingredients ground into powder, mix evenly into the feed. Compound feed according to its shape, can be divided into powder and pressed into feed of granular particles. According to its nutrition ingredient into perfect compound feed and compound feed, concentrated feed.