The use of feed machinery and maintaining this is very important

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Equipment vibration fault    

Feed factory most of the key equipment for rotating machinery, such as granulating machine, extrusion machine, mixer, crusher and its auxiliary fan, etc. Rotating equipment often violent vibration failures, and unable to work. Vibrations can be caused by many reasons, first, we should consider the bearing failure. Bearing defects can lead to severe shock, serious noise, and even cause equipment damage. Bearing according to the structure can be divided into rolling bearing and sliding bearing. Rolling bearing in the process of operation in case of improper assembly, poor lubrication, foreign bodies to enter and overload, and so on and so forth, are likely to be premature damage, mainly for wear and tear, damage to the cage, and outer ring fracture and plastic deformation, etc. Bearing clearance is when one side of bearing inner ring or outer ring fixed, the other party to do radial or axial movement of the mobile. Use the longer bearing, normal wear and tear, the greater the clearance is, the greater the equipment vibration will increase, the need to replace new bearing. For pelletizer, bearing clearance can be fixed on the spindle, the spindle bearing inner ring load up to check and measurement are added to the rotor. Bearing installation to master a principle, that is, can pass through the corresponding ring installation force or moment, usually adopt force fit, heating to install. In addition, the lubrication of the bearing is one of the important factors about its performance and lubricant and lubricating way appropriate or not will affect the service life of bearing. Through lubrication, can reduce the channel and the steel ball of rotary friction, sliding friction of ball and cage, cage and channel guide surface sliding friction, take away from heat and other external bearing internal friction heat, prevent bearing heating. The filling quantity of the grease with the shell structure and volume of different and different, generally filled to capacity of 1/3 to 1/2. But for low-speed bearing, so as to prevent the entry of foreign body, sometimes padding to 2/3 ~ 1. Second, we should consider the equipment vibration due to unbalanced rotor. The main cause of unbalanced rotor are: rotor scale, the counter weight loss, rotor deformation and the rotation center and the center of mass is not coincidence, this usually does not consider, equipment factory are made of dynamic balance). Finally, you need to check whether there is any loose on a foot, the equipment is installed in strict accordance with the specification, the connection is loose, the coupling gap (normally 2 ~ 3 mm), flatness, perpendicularity adjusting is appropriate.

Equipment production is low

Ring die pelletizer low yield factor A and bell ring die surface surface rolling, needs to be chamfer. B, ring die compression ratio improper selection. Selection principle: livestock and poultry feed 9 ~ 13; Fish feed 12 ~ 15; The shrimp feed 20 ~ 25; Heat-sensitive feed 5 ~ 9; The grasses and straw feed 6 ~ 9. C, die blocked. By the ring die tapping blockage in the outgoing hole, removal of impurities. D, ring die opening rate is too low, leading to lower productivity. Roller wear factor A and roller shell, need to change in time. B, a new ring die and old roller, roller and ring die will lead to the low yield. New ring die with roller shell should be adopted for granulating, the whole contact pressure roller and ring die clearance is consistent, to achieve uniform wear. Conditioning device blade factors influence material conditioning effect after blade wear, material mixing, steam absorption effect is poor. Conditioning implements material softening is bad, affect the particle pulverizing rate and yield. Tempering temperature factors Tempering temperature is too low. Suggested control in: livestock and poultry is expected to 70 ~ 88; Fish is 82 ~ 95; Shrimp is 90 ~ 105; Heat-sensitive feed 45 ~ 69. Unit: ℃. Steam quality factor points cylinder pressure should be ≧ 0.6 Mpa; The vapor pressure of 0.1 ~ 0.1 M working properly after decompression, to ensure that the steam for excluding the saturated steam condensed water. Mill production low A, check whether the material has been shattered section at A time. B, material is added in the secondary mixed oils. C, the formula of raw material whether to add the silkworm chrysalis. D, the guide plate and the host are consistent. E injection is normal, whether the electromagnetic valve, filter cloth is blocked. F, dust collector fan configuration errors, the fan to error. G, hammer sieve clearance is not appropriate, hammer badly worn. H, severe pressure sieve plate wear. I, sieving slice mode of hole is wrong, opening rate is too low. J, impeller feeder for the opening of the tuyere not open or inappropriate. K, raw material moisture content is too high. L, mesh aperture is not in conformity with the requirements, leading to excessive crush material. M, who did not use the original hammer and screen surface. N, sieving slice of smooth and rough installation is correct. O, severe sedimentation chamber leak powder (especially in the transit system, wind mill and settling chamber). Extrusion machine production is low Expanded soybean yield is low, A screw head badly worn. B, puffing cavity liner wear. C, severe pressure ring and wear ring wear. (processing method: timely replacement of wear and tear associated with a, the pressure of the large size ring can be used as a small specifications of pressure ring. For example: ¢209 pressure ring wear, can be used as a pressure ring ¢207). D, customer want to get lower urinary enzyme activity expanded soybean products. E, soybean crushing fine spent. F, triangle tension is loose (processing method: inspect tensioning triangle. If the belt has been aging, should be replaced with the whole sets of belt). G, and went into the poor quality of steam conditioning device (processing method: should be timely check the steam quality, check the steam pipeline of hydrophobic system). Puffed corn yield is low, A screw head badly worn. B, puffing cavity badly worn. C, severe pressure ring and wear ring wear. D, the customer want to get bulk density low puffed corn products. E, maize grinding fine spent. F, triangle tension is loose. G, into the conditioning of the steam quality is poor. H, corn quality problems, after drying excessive lead to a ripening corn, difficult to production volume weight of 380 g/l of puffed corn