The composition of automation equipment component

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Automation equipment most generally have the following parts:

1.Indicator light: general mostly are light-emitting diodes (leds), long life, neon bulb and bulb life is short, job is an alternating current and direct current voltage.
2.Button and urgent stop switch: button is often used in pneumatic and control keys, such as temporary, also some kinds of rotating button control; Scram button are usually red and yellow.
3.Fuse: mainly protection circuit, when the voltage and current is too large, can fuse protection circuit.
4.Switch and power switch: control buttons.
5.Circuit breaker: mainly is the restoration of short circuit protection, instantaneous short circuit occurs when the circuit and electric device and instantaneous large current, automatic trip, protection device for posterior.
6.Ac contactor: mainly used to control equipment of the main circuit of the power outages, general electric current is larger. To control power in contact.
7Intermediate relay, and have the same ac contactor is a function of the protection circuit.

8.Hot relay: thermal element, is mainly used for the protection of the equipment temperature, automatic short circuit protection at the back of the line.
9.Delay protection: general electric power delay and delay.
10.Knife switch: main artificial broken electronic control and control, generally speaking, there are two or three knife.
11.The leakage switch: mainly used for protection of personal safety, single-phase and three-phase residual current switch.

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