6 influence the use of automation equipment

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Factors affecting the operation of automation equipment has the following six factors:

1.Equipment failure loss
This is a sudden or chronic time loss caused by fault happened is due to time loss and reduce the total production of direct losses.
2.Equipment production loss adjustment(or unscheduled time loss)
This is accompanied by the planned production downtime loss, design is the production adjustment time outside of the loss.
3.Equipment sudden stop and the idling loss
Equipment made a surprise stop and fault, the device because of a temporary stop loss is called sudden stop loss. In order to reduce equipment sudden stop, and to analyze various phenomena and well thoroughly eliminate small defects, to achieve the goal of a sudden stop is zero. Especially in the implementation of unmanned operation of the equipment, a sudden stop to zero is the necessary condition.
4.Loss of speed

Is the equipment does not meet design speed and actual production capacity loss.
5.Scrap defect repair damage
Caused by the waste defective and needs to be fixed production losses, say waste defect repair damage.
6.To start construction equipment loss
Is loss occurred at the start of production operation, the operation from the beginning to the product fine production so far this time loss.
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