Crusher common mechanical fault handling methods

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Crusher is one of the main equipment feed factory for making feed, the reliability of the mill running directly and the normal operation of the process behind the production efficiency, therefore, maintenance and operation personnel to learn common fault analysis and processing mill system, and to eliminate in the short term, to resume production as soon as possible, it is particularly important. Pulverizer system mainly includes the grinder and electric motors. The corresponding fault can be divided into mechanical failure and electric fault. The following is a mechanical failure and vibration and bearing heating and mill plugging sieve analysis such as fault.

1、Mill generally USES motor direct coupling vibration crushing device, this kind of connection mode is simple, easy to maintenance. But if they cannot very good connection in the assembly process, can cause the overall vibration of mill.

(1) the motor rotor and crusher rotor is different. Can move left and right the position of the motor, or padded surface at the foot of the bottom of the motor, to adjust the two rotor concentricity.

(2) the crusher rotor different heart. The reason is that the two of the rotor shaft bearing surface is not in the same plane. In the bearing housing, floor mat copper, or increase the adjustable wedge iron at the bottom of the bearing, the guarantee 2 shaft head together.

(3) the crushing chamber part vibration is larger. The reason is that connecting the coupling with the rotor of different heart or rotor internal uneven quality of flat hammer. Can take the corresponding method to adjust according to the different types of coupling shaft coupling and motor connection: when the hammer of uneven quality, must equipped with each group of hammer, the relative said hammer, the relative said error is less than 5 g of the hammer.

(4) the original balance was destroyed. After motor repair to do dynamic balance test, to ensure that the overall balance.

(5) the pulverizer system anchor bolt looseness or basic not firm, when installation or maintenance, to tighten the anchor bolts, evenly between the anchor foundation and the mill, to install shock absorbing device, reduce the vibration.

(6) hammer broken or crushed indoor hard stuff. These can cause the rotor rotational imbalance, and cause the whole machine vibration. Therefore, to regularly check for wear serious hammer. When replacement, to replace symmetry; Crusher abnormal sound in operation, to stop the machine immediately to check and find the reason timely processing.

(7) pulverizer system connected to other equipment. Such as feeding tube, discharge tube connection is undeserved, can cause vibration and noise. As a result, these connection, unfavorable use hard connection, had better use soft connection.

2、Bearing overheating bearing is crushing machine more important components, its performance directly affects the normal operation of the equipment and the production efficiency. Equipment operation process, the user should pay special attention to the bearing temperature and the noise of the bearing parts, abnormal treatment as early as possible.

(1) two rugged, bearing or motor rotor and crusher rotor is different, the impact of the additional load bearing down, causing bearing overheating. Appear this kind of circumstance, want to immediately stop troubleshooting, to avoid the damage of bearing early.

(2) within the bearing lubricating oil too much, too little, or of the main causes of aging is caused by bearing overheating and damage, therefore, according to the requirements of specification on time filling lubricating oil quantitatively, general lubrication of bearings from 60% to 70% of the space, too little or too much is bad for bearing lubrication and heat transfer. To prolong the service life of the bearing.

(3) bearing cover too tightly together with bearing, bearing and shaft fit too tight or too loose will lead bearing overheating. But this kind of question, the equipment is in operation, will the motion of the friction noise and obvious. Should remove the bearing. Finishing friction parts, and then reassemble as required.

3、Mill wall screen: mill wall screen is one of the common faults in the mill use, there may be problems of sieve plate design, but it is more due to use of improper operation.


(1) feeding too fast, the load increase, wall screen. In the process of feed, always pay attention to the ammeter pointer deflection Angle is large, if more than rated current, motor overload, long time overload, will burn out motor. Appear this kind of circumstance should immediately reduce or close the door, can also change the way that the feed, through the reduction pressure feeder to control the feed rate. Feeder has manual and automatic two kinds, the user should choose appropriate feeder according to actual situation. , because of the large mill speed, high load and load fluctuation is stronger. So, the crusher work current general control in about 85% of the rated current.

(2) grinding indoor negative pressure is not enough, and lead to smash through indoor powder sieve plate when discharging not free or give the wind network management is not free, cause crusher screen. Because of the wind net system problems and some of the reasons for blocking screen, such as discharge duct design is too big or too small diameter, duct bend too much resistance is big, pulse not to block the airtight, pulse nozzle jet pressure is too low, the fan selection of reasonable, the wind pipe net is too long, the wind pipe leakage, etc, should be excluded from reasons one by one with rectification, and pulse bag regularly check and clean or replace routine maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of crusher.

(3) fragments of hammer, wear, sieve hole closed, rags, crushing material moisture content is too high will make the grinder screen. Should be updated regularly, broken and severe wear of hammer crusher a good working state, and regularly check the screen mesh, crushing material moisture content should be lower than 13%, it can improve the efficiency of production, and make the mill not wall screen, enhance the working reliability of the mill.