Choose a few skill points of pig feed

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Pig feed is usually composed of protein feed, energy feed, roughage silage feeding materials, minerals, green feed, feed and feed additives; By category: full price, concentrates and premix.
Pig has a variety of commonly used feed, according to the nutrition into energy feed, protein feed, roughage, green feed, silage feeding materials, mineral eight kinds of feed and feed additives.
3、About hormone: now basically has added a variety of hormones and antibiotics in pig feed, in order to make the pig meat fast and long lean lean, take a lot of hormone and clenbuterol in feed, in order to pig skin brightness, to add urea and arsenic preparation, in order to pig don't get sick, to add antibiotics and so on.
(1)Selection of raw material variety as much as possible raw material variety can have the complementary role of nutrients, but must pay attention to the pig. Nutrient use efficiency in the raw material.
(2)The quality of feed ingredients to conform to the standard purchasing raw materials can be in accordance with the national standard, avoid by all means purchasing cheap and inferior raw material.
(3)As far as possible the use of local cheap feed raw materials The local feed raw material resources is not the same, some cheap feed ingredients such as rice bran, tofu, can take advantage of, in order to reduce production cost.
(4)Feed raw material supply is plentiful For some sometimes no raw material, it is best to avoid using, often because of change the raw material, can cause stress to the pigs.
(5)Pay attention to the palatability of feed ingredients Although some raw materials are very cheap, but it isn't palatability, attention should be paid to limit the amount of such materials. On the contrary, for those who are very good palatability raw material, also want to consider to feed restriction, to prevent overeating and digestive problems.
(6)Strictly according to the breed standard design recipes, conceptions of avoid by all means Feeding standard were made according to the results of feeding trials, more authoritative standards include the NRC standard, British standard of ARC and the national standard of our country.
(7)Mixed evenly Some add less of the raw materials have to be premixed first, and then wait to be added to the aniseed mixed in