Keep in mind the feed mill installation considerations

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1、Mill operation for a long time, should be fixed on the basis of cement. If change often work site, grinder with the motor installed on the made of Angle iron frame, if mill diesel power, should make the two power match, namely power slightly bigger than the mill power of diesel engine, and make the pulley groove of the two is consistent, pulley end on the same plane.
2、Mill after installation to check each fastener tighten situation, if there is loose should be tightened.

3、To check whether the belt elasticity is appropriate, whether the motor shaft and crusher shaft parallel.

4、Before starting the grinder, rotating the rotor by hand, and check the tooth claw hammer, and rotor operation is flexible and reliable, and there are no collisions in the shell, rotor rotate to whether in direction arrow on board, motor and shatter machine lubrication are in good condition.

5、Don't change the pulley, in case of high speed crushing chamber to produce explosion, or low speed impact work efficiency.
6、Crushing machine idle first 2 a 3 minutes after launch, no anomalies feeding again after work.

7、Work should pay attention to the workings of the crusher of at any time, feeding wants even, in case of blocking stuffy car, don't long time overload running. If find any vibration, noise, bearing and the body temperature is too high, the phenomenon such as outward spraying material, should immediately stop check, troubleshooting rear can continue to work.
8、Crushing material should be checked carefully to avoid copper, iron, stone and other hard objects into the crushing chamber cause an accident.
9、Operators don't wear gloves, feeding should be standing on the mill profile, in case the rebound sundry injured facial.
10、Jams, forbidden hand pulled the feed, forced feeding or stick.